I am a Wedding Photographer…

A lot of photographers don’t like to be called a “Wedding Photographer”. They feel it diminishes the quality of their expertise or somehow it takes away from their artistic abilities. But that is not the case by far! If you think about what really takes place at a wedding and what a wedding photographer must do then that way of thinking makes no sense. I am a Wedding Photographer and I consider myself to be at the peak of my craft.

I am an anthropologist. I must capture a momentous occasion without being noticed or interfering.

I am a marketer. I snap photos of objects so that those who were not present can Ooh and Ahh at the beautiful dress or amazing table setting.

I am a journalist. I document a special moment in time in pictures. If not done correctly may be lost or left to stories and misinterpretations.

I am an artist. I capture the landscape, aesthetics and people in a way that brings those that were there back to that moment and those who missed it can live it through the photos.

As a wedding photographer I bring all the different styles of photography into one. I bring my passion of photography and expertise to every shoot. If you are looking for a person who is able to capture your special day so that you can relive the wonderful moments for a lifetime – I am your Wedding Photographer.