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Photography in new york landscape Mariana Martinis
mariana martinis

Mariana Martinis, Venezuelan creative specialist and photographer, acknowledges her parents as key influencers in her professional career. They taught her to love and appreciate shapes, colors, light and, most importantly, the essence of life.

The years she spent surrounded by the arts encouraged her to take her first lessons in graphic design and, photography transforming a hobby into a daily passion.

Her passion for the arts expanded when she arrived to the United States. She started working for a video production company in the field events.

Ever since 2003 when Mariana started her professional career, she believes your family portrait, newborn, or wedding day experience should be remarkable, that’s why her specialty is to capture the depth, romance and excitement of your story.

Mariana’s only goal is to leave you feeling taken care of and remember all the authentic moments of your special occasion day last forever.

Photography in new york Nicole Pereira
nicole pereira

Nicole has always loved the arts. Exchanging crayons and coloring books with charcoal pencils and a sketchbook, her hobby quickly became a passion that defined her. For her 10th birthday, she asked her parents for a camera and, little did they know, that Olympus would ignite a special spark in her.

Nicole graduated with a degree in photography from Barry University. Ready to start her professional career, she worked with a variety of different agencies where she photographed different products, food, architecture, portraits and events. Having extensive knowledge in all genres has allowed her to work with unique clients.

But early 2013 was a game changer for Nicole, she packed her Miami life and moved to New York City. A couple of days later she attended a crowded industry party in an attic in downtown Manhattan, not knowing a soul. Mixing and introducing herself, she met Mariana and spoke for hours. The connection was one of those things that you felt that you and the person have been friends forever. Needless to say, they instantly became friends and colleagues and have been inseparable ever since.